How Restorative Embodied Self-Awareness is a Key for Healing and Well-Being?

New date for the webinar: Thu 4th May 2023

Expand your understanding on Embodied Self-Awareness in the free webinar with Alan Fogel!

Embodied Self-Awareness (ESA) is a somatic approach to treat trauma and other mental health concerns by helping people connect directly to thoughts, sensations and emotions as they arise within the body. In his latest book Alan Fogel, PhD, explains how to understand and support healing and well-being even more and in a deeper level.

In Alan Fogel’s own words: 

This book contains lots of everyday examples and easy-to-understand reviews of research on Embodied Self-Awareness. More importantly, this book explains a new model of Embodied Self-Awareness that has evolved out of my personal observations and clinical practice. This model contains three states of Embodied Self-Awareness: Dysregulated, Modulated, and Restorative. 

While many embodied practices and approaches aim toward supporting the transition from Dysregulated to Modulated states, relatively few include the possibility of Restoration, a deep and lasting sense of peace, oneness, and relaxation that is fundamentally healing. 

Wellness is more than the ability to modulate one’s inner state by regulating or thinking about emotions and sensations. 

By shifting from dysregulated or modulated states to restorative states — from doing to allowing, from activation to receptivity, and from thinking to felt experience — we can access the expansive power of the restorative state to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Ask questions from Alan Fogel or just lean back on your sofa and enjoy the possibility of shifting your awareness to become more restorative...

For whom is this webinar meant?

You may join us if you have a personal interest in your well-being and healing. You may practice mindfulness, yoga, pilates etc. Or you have a professional interest and want to understand more about human awareness of the inner condition of the body. You may be a psychotherapist, physiotherapist, body worker, dance and movement therapist, coach etc. 

Who is Alan Fogel?

Alan Fogel, PhD, is a professor of psychology emeritus at the University of Utah and has been an active contributor to research on emotional development in human relationships from infancy through adulthood. He has written several books and scientific articles. He is also a licensed massage therapist, a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner and senior teacher. Further information and links to publications can be found in his website.

You may also like to see some of his presentations on this topic on his YouTube channel.

Have a look at Alan’s latest book:

Restorative Embodiment and Resilience: A Guide to Disrupt Habits, Create Inner Peace, Deepen Relationships, and Feel Greater Presence, Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2021.

Alan Fogel

Time and Date: Thu 4th May 2023 (EET Time Zone, UTC+2). 

Place: Zoom. The webinar will be recorded and registered participants have access to the recording for a limited time.

Price: Free of charge.

Webinar host: Riitta Saarikko, Wise Body Ltd., Finland

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